Iron on Band Patches


These patches can either be ironed on it sewed on but we suggest ironing into place and then sewing for even more durability. Our iron on patches are perfect for customizing your favorite apparel! These high quality embroidered patches can be ironed on to most types on non-stretch fabric, suitable for adding to a vintage denim jacket. For the more experienced sewer, you can even sew our patches on the more heavy duty fabric, if you’ve got a leather jacket that needs more of a biker feel or a canvas tote bag which you want to make more personalized. *** HOW TO APPLY *** 1- Make sure your iron is on a high heat - place the iron onto the surface where you will be applying your patch to warm it up a bit. 2- Place patch where you want it to be on garment and cover it with a light fabric such as a bandana 3- Press the iron firmly on top of the protected patch and use the steam function (if available) to add more heat while adding pressure 4- Keep the iron on the patch for at least 2 minutes and go around the edges with the iron to make sure it's completely secure. **Please be aware, this will only work on cotton, denim and natural non-stretch fabrics. For other material, patches can be sewn on by hand or using a sewing machine.**